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Re-Originals was founded by Matthew Jones of Houston, Texas. Matt has been in business for about 25 years, supplying wholesalers/retailers in the US with products for the restoration and preservation of classic Italian cars. Matt understands the need to provide the right product, either genuine or aftermarket, to the most demanding restorer who wants authenticity in his rebuilding project.

Matt’s original business was built around providing authentic rubber items for early Alfa Romeo vehicles, as the original dies for this marquee had been found and rebuilt. Other marques followed as the dies were located and refurbished. The items produced, i.e. floor mats, windshield and window gasket, etc; set a standard of quality that proved even better than the original, as the rubber now used has superior properties to the original.

From this venture into rubber came the manufacture of many thousands of authentic vinyl cloth and leather materials at the original factory, again with an Alfa Romeo bias, i.e. the rare Basket-weave seat material and the “Snakebite” headliner material. Needless to say, many materials for other marques are now also available.

The demand for original hard-parts and almost all other items required for a quality restoration has allowed us to expand our range of contacts. Now we can provide almost any part for any Italian classic. We encourage suppliers around the world, Italy in particular, to resurrect old dies and re-manufacture many items. This results in many other parts to be produced in quantities that involve a high financial risk as the production numbers are far in excess of any perceived market, but Matt’s enthusiasm is such that As you can imagine, we are constantly receiving new stock from around the world, but cannot always have in stock that particular item you require. This is mainly due to the fact that we are extremely mindful of the need to source NOS (New Old Stock) if available and if not, to ensure that any re-manufactured stock is of the highest quality. We know of many suppliers whose reproduction product is not up to standard so we prefer to wait for the availability of the best product. The old saying, “quality prevails long after price is forgotten”, has been instilled into us and is the basis of our operation.he has taken this risk